Sam Tsia was built from a continuous feeling that designer Samantha Tsiagalis was left with after her summers in Greece would come to an end. Greece has been a second home to her since birth and a major part of her heritage. It is also where her love of stones began. 

As time progressed, she started to see the land and colors in a harmonious but contrasting way that she aimed to convey within her pieces.

Organic textures refined with smooth edges. Beautiful little aqua pools surrounded by rough sandy beige land. Glistening stones sparkling in the ocean. Glowing skin highlighting shades of gold. The sound of soft waves dancing in and out. When she wears her designs, she is reminded of amazing adventures and the happiest times of her life. 

Her jewelry journey began 11 years ago midway through college (studying PR + Advertising) when she discovered this endless curiosity about how jewelry is made. She took a few metalsmithing courses in her free time but it wasn't until she discovered wax carving that her signature style creatively emerged. Originally founded in New York City in 2015, she built her brand from the ground up. Not having gone to school for jewelry, she spent endless hours working on her craft, speaking with different vendors in the 47th St. Diamond District and learning how to set stones and properly finish a high end piece while still maintaining her unique spin on things. She now works out of her at home studio in Miami, Florida and is constantly learning and evolving with time. All pieces are proudly made solely by Samantha herself.

Sam Tsia is committed to high quality materials and firsthand craftsmanship from start to finish. When you invest in a Sam Tsia piece, you are representing an adventure and time when you leaped from your comfort zone and reached out for your dreams.  With every handcrafted piece, we extend those feelings on to you.

We believe if you feed the dream, the dream will feed you. 

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